Exploring the Past to Secure the Future

The days when big oil companies did all of their own exploration are long gone. With consolidation and downsizing, much of the work of developing the resource has been picked up by smaller, more agile, independent companies like Infinity Oil & Gas, Inc.

The process begins when explorationists – geologists, geophysicists and engineers – approach us with a proposal to help them acquire a particular deposit. We use our own in-house expertise to review the proposal, examine the geology, geochemistry and seismic data, and map the area. The proposed recovery method is considered.

We take all the pieces of the puzzle, put them together, and determine whether the project is viable. If so, we send out teams of landmen to do title searches and contact the mineral rights owners in the area we're interested in developing. The job is a big one – for any given project we'll be working with hundreds of mineral owners, and we work to get every one of them on board before we begin drilling operations.

Once all of the oil and gas leases have been signed, we partner with an operating oil company, with specific expertise in the particular technology to be used, to do the actual drilling of the wells and to conduct the production operations.

In other words, we are a company that makes it all possible.