Exploring the Past to Secure the Future

Your priorities are our priorities

We know that what's most important to the landowners we partner with isn't the untapped wealth below the ground: it's what's on the surface that really matters. In all of our dealings and contracts, being a good neighbor and respecting our surface owners is paramount. We strive to be good stewards of the land that is entrusted to us.

Whether it's sitting down with our Lessors to identify their specific concerns, or reclaiming and restoring the land to its original condition once the project has run its course, we can accommodate the needs of property owners while still providing them with the financial benefits to be had from recovering the oil and gas that lies beneath the landscape. We make sure everything is up-front, clearly understood and in writing before we sign the lease. We have experience working in environmentally sensitive areas, including Federal Bureau of Land Management and Indian Tribal Lands property. Two of our projects, dealing with environmental challenges that others were unable to solve, were successfully completed due to our staff experts in environmental and water management.  This expertise has also allowed us to complete successful projects overlying active coal mines and storage fields.

Infinity Oil & Gas, Inc. also prides itself on accessibility. Surface owners are our partners in the projects we develop, and we value our relationship with them very highly. We're a well-established, successful company and operate thousands of leases in cooperation with companies like BP and Conoco-Phillips, but that doesn't mean we're an impersonal, faceless organization. We're more than happy to take the time to talk to landowners personally, and will do whatever we can to answer questions and address concerns.

Please watch the video below which demonstrates the drilling process we use.